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  • BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND – the official Tidy Trax t-shirts – Tony De Vit – Are You All Ready
    for fans of all ages


  • For the one you love – exclusive Tidy silver plated necklace with logo debased into a pink love heart. Comes in a special tidy gift box which you will want to keep forever under your pillow. Even if you have a bad, rough looking, wrinkled old neck this will look pretty.

    back design has EST 1995 embossed


  • Yellow shirt with a retro distressed 70’s athletic style colour stripe and tidy logo – pretend it’s 1976

    choose size before adding to cart

  • NEW Lush pink with white Tidy Boys logo on the front and a small classic tidy girls logo on the back of the neck.

    All these tops have been kissed by Amadeus & Andy



  • The Tidy Zippo Lighter is perfect for people who fill their lungs with smoke after burning leaves in their mouth. They are wind proof and great for lighting candles in Churches with a draft.

    Comes in a nice Tidy aluminium presentation tin


  • The official Tidy 20 keyring, double sided in blue, plink and white rubber – lightweight and makes even the dullest set of keys look attractive. If you don’t own the tidy 20 keyring then you stink.



  • LOST YOURS – NEED A REPLACEMENT or do you just want a mint version. –  here is your chance to get an official tidy 20 lanyard  – Cannot be used at any other event – for souvenir use only.



  • The new pink Love Tidy girls t-shirt looks so good that friends and relatives may clap when you walk in the room, if they don’t spit on the carpet. The soft pink with dark pink design looks good enough to be hanging up in River Island or even a local New Look.


  • You can personalise your Tidy Teddy – simple add your name or a friends name if its a gift and you can have your own unique Tidy Teddy. Also you don’t have to just add a name you can add any text as long as it doesn’t exceed the character count.

    This design is the original tidy girl logo in pink



    The Official Hard House Bible album T-Shirt – rare and yellow

  • I Keep It Tidy Hot Pants, black with silver glitter design. Tidy logo on front and slogan on the arse, looks great on girls and bi-sexual men.



  • Purple is the big colour for men this summer for 2015. The What You Looking At slogan – made famous on tidy by The Crow features in dark purple with the main tidy logo in paint splashes.


    The official Tidy 20 Newquay Tour T-Shirt – features the full flyer design on the front and tour icon on the back of the neck. Limited edition shirt and looks so sexy in real life that it will make your banana cry.

  • PRE-ORDER – LIMITED EDITION  – Own a piece of history, or are you part Tidy’s history – the final Tidy boys DJ performance and Tidy sell out 20th Birthday Party on HD DVD for you to watch again and again. 2400 people attended one of Tidy’s most successful parties at the Institute in Birmingham on the 26th September 2015 and what a party it was. Are You on It? tons of clubber and DJ interviews from the night, plus live action form DJs set including the final Tidy Boys performance as they took to the stage to say goodbye to the Tidy faithful. (This DVD comes with a free tissue)

    If all the fun of the Tidy XX event was enough – disc two of this DVD set contains classic moments from the legendary Tidy TV – bringing back all those Weekender memories.

    Expected delivery date 5th Nov – 9th Nov 

  • The infamous Heavens Cry ‘Til Tears Do Us Part’ features on our first Tidy Track title t-shirt – Summer yellow ladies fitted shirt with distressed retro vinyl design which also features the track catalogue number 158T



  • EXCLUSIVE PRE-ORDER COPY – get it 3 weeks ahead of its official release in July.

    HERE IT IS – 11 years in the making, Keep It Tidy 5 the story continues… 4 DISC SET // OVER 5 HOURS OF MUSIC // 75 CLASSIC TRACKS
    Mixed with love by Sam Townend / Paul Maddox / Kym Ayres / The Tidy DJs

    All the tidy hits from 2004 to 2008 following on from the first 4 box sets in the Keep it Tidy series.

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    2014 saw the official re-launch of Tidy’s music release schedule after a 3 year hiatus. With Tidy and it’s sub labels Untidy and Tidy Two now fully firing on all cylinders with some of the biggest artists from across the globe providing the most cutting edge music from the Hard Dance Music genres, it’s safe to say 2014 saw Tidy return with one almighty bang! Tidy Music Library 2014 is a review of our musical year.  Featuring  the full HDM spectrum, Hard House, House, Hard Trance and Hard Funk.  Disc 1, 2 and 3 features the full DJ friend versions of the tracks and disc 4 is the bonus Mix Compilation.

    This full album features every track in their full version – ONLY this CD version contains all the versions and tracks

  • It’s been 12 years since Tidy launched it’s sister label Tidy Two. It instantly became a huge success and was home to the more melodic anthemic tough trance. It’s been 10 years since anything was released on Tidy Two and in 2014 the boys are about to relaunch the label with some fantastic new material and artists. The label you once loved returns in the summer of 2014 but before we deliver the new hits lets celebrate the golden years of 2002 to 2004, with the Greatest Hits mix compilation. This double disc of delights is mixed and crafted by Mr  Tidy Two himself Technikal, who takes you on a journey of emotion and melody. Also includes the brand new tracks Rollcage & Miracle which are the first new releases on Tidy Two 2014


    01 – Technikal – Rollcage
    02 – The Freak – The Melody, The Sound (Flutlicht Remix)
    03 – Euphony – Carte Blanche
    04 – Rob Tissera, Vinylgroover & The Red Hed – Stay
    05 – JX – Restless (Guyver Mix)
    06 – Lee Pasch – Emotion
    07 – Matar – Feeling (Guyver Remix)
    08 – Enermatic – Mastermind
    09 – Guyver – Trapped
    10 – Tony De Vit feat. Niki Mak – Give Me A Reason (Guyver Remix)
    11 – Lee Haslam – Music Is The Drug
    12 – Wid & Ben – P01nt Bl4nk
    13 – Guyver – Serious Sound
    14 – Ben Kaye vs Deeprose & Thompson – I’m Your DJ
    15 – Miss Behavin’ – Such A Good Feelin (Lee Haslam & Guyver Remix)
    16 – Guyver – Differences

    01 – DJ Spoke – Ignition (S.H.O.K.K Remix)
    02 – Tomcat – State Of Motion
    03 – Stimulator – Scream
    04 – Guyver – Possibly
    05 – The Freak – The Bells
    06 – Dave Holmes – Freedom (Lee Haslam Remix)
    07 – Paul Maddox feat. Niki Mak – Reach Out
    08 – E-WOK – Supersound
    09 – Guyver – Man On The Moon
    10 – Technikal – Miracle
    11 – Stimulator – Take Off
    12 – Riot Bros – Ripped Out
    13 – Ed Real & The Coalition – 20,000 Hardcore Members
    14 – Guyver – You’ll Know It
    15 – Riot Bros – Flashback

  • Disc 1: Audio CD

    1. Intro
    2. Untidy Dubs – Funky Groove
    3. Untidy Dubs – To The Beat
    4. Colours EP – Orange
    5. Signum – Coming On Strong (Hyperlogic Remix)
    6. Cunaro & Dean – It’s About Time (UK Gold)
    7. UK Gold – Cuz The House Gets Warm (Tidy Boys Remix)
    8. Haziza – One More
    9. Lisa Lashes – Dance To The House (Don’t Go)
    10. Trauma – Higher
    11. Signum – What Ya Got 4 Me
    12. Tony De Vit – The Dawn (Paul Janes Remix)
    13. Artmesia – Bits & Pieces (BK Remix)
    14. Stimulant DJs – Are You Serious

    Disc Two: Tidy Vision DVD 

  • Tidy Weekender 15, 3 days of seaside madness for the harder generation,  This collectable 3 disc album containing Live mixes from Kutski / Lisa Pin Up and Ilogik has to be in your collection, we recommend you make a purchase quick before anyone notices you don’t own it.

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